Anup A. Shirgaonkar, PhD

anup at QuantitativeMachines dot com

Areas of expertise: Artificial intelligence and machine learning, natural language processing, quantitative finance, advanced statistical predictive models, high performance computing, AI product space

I am a data scientist working in AI. Until 2010, along with my co-authors, I have published scientific research in various journals and given talks in scientific computing focusing on fluid dynamics, atmospheric science, computational neuromechanics, and computational physics. Since 2010, my work has been proprietary, covering quantitative finance (statistical as well as quantamental trading), natural language processing, and deep learning.

2019- Machine Learning at Microsoft Cloud & AI
2016-2019 AI and Machine Learning at Amazon Alexa
2010-16 Quantitative trading at macro hedge fund and large commodities trading companies
2007-10 Research in Scientific Computing at Northwestern University and MIT
PhD, MS, Flow Physics and Computation, Stanford University
BTech, IIT Bombay

Scientific Publications: Google scholar page
h-index: 6

Notable work:

- My work with Malcolm MacIver and Neelesh Patankar of Northwestern University on a fast algorithm for fluid-solid motion coupling has been used in the CFDEM open source project